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Inherited IRA account holders and beneficiaries searching the internet for free help may easily get conflicting information and outdated data or outright -- wrong advice that may only make things worse.  Some will get the sales "sell up" all because you respond.  A trusted and respected long term advisor is ready to take your call about your Inherited IRA (Beneficiary IRA) situation or respond to your email to HELP you RIGHT NOW!  No tricks or games.  Just read some CLIENT TESTIMONIALS, to guage my skills and services and why clients who find me -- keep me for decades!    

Inherited IRA AdvisorI am M.D. Anderson, a nationally known and published inherited IRA financial consultant in Chandler, Arizona. My firm, Financial Strategies, Inc., first incorporated in 1990, does Inherited IRA consulting and estate related tax consulting for clients in Arizona as well as throughout the United States. (And for U.S. citizens living in foreign countries)  This is my 38th year of providing multiple financial services to my clientele.

Now, after all these years of practice, lawyers and CPA's request my help to assist them not just for their clients, but many times for their own personal family or parent IRA situations.  I thank all professional advisors who trust me to assist them. But especially, I thank those who give me the priviledge to assist with their own parents or other family relatives.

People who meet with me live or via SKYPE or FACETIME, hire me on the spot when a serious IRA problem exists.  I've been called a "saver of money", "financial angel", even "an answer to prayer" over the years in my client work. (I am sure my IRA clients' former advisors names for me would not be publishable without blushing...)

Believe me, I am none of that -- just a smart guy who knows more than your current advisors about Inherited and Self-Directed IRAs, and how they relate to estates, living trusts and how they work under the tax code. You should know I am "well connected" with some of America's top legal and tax advisors -- also experts and well versed on Inherited IRAs, Taxation and Estates & Trusts.  

Some of those advisors provide the books and guidelines that all of us inherited IRA advisors must use in our advisory practice.  Being quoted in the same national news articles with pros like attorney Natalie B. Choate and CPA Ed Slott the past few years is truly a highlight in my long financial consulting practice.  It is also your assurance that you have found the "worker" to fix your IRA problem. I am the one that follows the top inherited IRA and retirement experts in the U.S. and apply their truths on one Inherited IRA case after another each year - since 1998! 

Businesss is good, meaning America's advisors continue unabated in malpracticing "big time" on client accounts before they die -- leaving beneficiaries few options they like -- until they contact me!

With my resources and experience, I can take on the largest IRA cases out there now and in almost every case, rescue the money from instant or short term taxation.  (Noting that first... we rescue you from bad advice)   

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Inherited IRA clients can review M.D. Anderson's National publications and interviews.

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Busy BusinessmanM.D. Stays Busy Practicing in 5 Separate Financial Disciplines:

1. Accountant:  Estate Tax preparation and Inherited IRA consulting. (Most States)

2. AZCLDP: Certified legal document preparation (Arizona) and paralegal to an International law firm. (worldwide)

3. Realtor:  Professional licensed Realtor and IRA/Estate & Trust owned homes consultant inTempe, Arizona.

4. Insurance Brokerage Firm:  Life-health-annuity insurance sales and consulting in Arizona and Iowa, and other states from time to time.  

5. Wealth Conversion Consultant:  Hard asset consulting and sales of investment real estate (Arizona and by referral nationwide), precious metals in coins and bullion (Nationwide).

It's true. My current occupations along with being a former Mortgage Officer and Securities and Registered Investment Advisor Representative, gives me a 360 view that few advisors can give in your situation. (and causes about 60+ hours of continued education school to attend each year)

Warning: The Government wants to take over your IRA...

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Cutting Tax on Inherited IRA accounts

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Latest News:  The 2015 budget and now Congress wants to force your Inherited IRA into a 5 year taxation scenario!

Professional help available right now to avoid needless taxation of your Inherited IRA

Help Awaits for your inherited IRA situation

"I have helped save my clients countless millions of dollars from needless taxation due to bad advisors and bad advice on inherited IRA accounts."

M.D. Anderson, AZCLDP, Accountant, Realtor

To date, since starting my Inherited IRA consulting division way back in 1998 -- I have helped save my clients countless millions of dollars from needless taxation due to bad advisors and bad advice on inherited IRA accounts.

Sadly, the bad advisors were many times formerly admired and trusted by your deceased parent or loved one. Your guard can easily be down if a large Inherited IRA account is left to you and you are given advice by some of these folks who mean well -- but don't really have a clue just how difficult it is to discern the proper steps to preserve IRA money after death so it doesn't get instantly taxed. Or, taxed on a much faster schedule due to mistakes, misdeeds, or advisory malpractice that frankly, I see on every inherited IRA case I work on now.

Whatever you do, avoid these mistakes on your  Inherited IRA


Inherited IRA mistakes happen easily

First, many financial advisors will tell you lump sum taxation is necessary upon the death of an IRA owner, when in fact -- most times it is not. But the human element of grieving, or just the stress of estate management can leave beneficiaries vulnerable. You may not know the right questions to ask before signing paperwork that is not in your best interest. That inherited IRA paperwork, which is most often "wrong" when first sent out, can tax the money instantly.

Second, custodians sometimes tell large IRA account beneficiaries that they will need to just stay on the same Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) schedule with their inherited IRA, as the now deceased IRA owner was on.  That makes for a real easy succession of keeping the money under management or "in house". But, in almost every case, it isn't true!

That means instead of resetting mortality "age" to YOUR birth date - if you are younger, you will have to draw money out and tax it faster than what the IRS requires. Believe it or not, we find numerous cases where the death benefit hasn't been paid and the inherited IRA client had died years before. A recent case was with a west coast client on retainer with our firm. Seems Metropolitan Life's best job of consulting after the father in this case died was to tell the sole beneficiary of the inherited IRA that he had five (5) years to start drawing money. This is complete malpractice as ANY good inherited IRA consultant knows once RMD's start - the five year rule dies too and is never applicable again!!!

Thirdly, you have to get a handle on the currently allowed concept of stretching an inherited IRA out as far as possible. RMD's run 2-6% depending on the beneficiaries age when an Inherited IRA is created. Now, as long as you can earn more than that each year, there is no depletion but instead - increases in the capital values of the account. So, if you are married, you can stretch out payments for your lifetime. Then, your spouse if he or she survives can draw out payments for their lifetime by doing a spousal rollover, thus never creating the "inherited IRA" registration which means you can add years to the stretch period by doing a spousal rollover.

Then upon your spouse's demise, your children can draw out payments for their lifetime. Even your grandkids can continue a  parents payout in a properly set up Stretch IRA account.  Keeping your Inherited IRA going for generations makes a lot of sense!  Don't count on getting it set up properly from your current advisors or your parent's former advisors. After all these years, the odds are not in your favor... (Hey, you found me so things are looking up for you!)

Lastly, my specialty of inherited IRA consulting is an area few can get right  -- but especially if an IRA is left to a trust.  Fixing trust situations that are listed as the primary beneficiary of large IRA accounts (or by default, end up as named beneficiary) is where I really shine.  When a trust is listed  -- things can go wrong -- fast. Assuming it is an IRS "qualified" trust, you won't be able to use your own age...unless you are the only beneficiary. You see, multiple sub-trusts are required in the actual instrument to leave IRA money  "per beneficiary", otherwise ALL Required Minimum Distributions (RMD's) will be based on the age of the "oldest" beneficiary listed. (Pray it's not your 85 year old Uncle...)  Knowing how to deal with an inherited IRA payable to a living trust (conduit or otherwise) requires professional help. You have about a 1% chance to get it right without professional help.  Please, don't even try without first giving me a ring or e-mail to let me know your situation.  

The trust needs to be a "conduit" trust to be most effective as a recipient of IRA death claim proceeds. And, it must be deemed "see through" by passing 4 distinct IRS rules  -- all to reset the age basis for those IRS required withdrawals you must start taking the year after the year of the death. Many trusts reviewed after death, (post mortem), are found (sometimes too late) to not be set up properly. Therefore, the hoped for "stretch" desired by the Inherited IRA owner is easily lost in real practice. Inherited IRA's payable to a trust on larger accounts is the norm from most legal advisors and trust creators. Getting it right with the correct wording, well that's another story.  You can read more about some client cases with faulty trusts in our Wall of Shame website page! 

This recent inherited IRA case shows the cost of delay:

 LOST: Millions of future "stretch" values...

Expensive Inherited IRA CallOne example of bad misfortune happened this past summer, 2012.  The client retained me as his Inherited IRA consultant late in 2011 after his mother passed away. Due to a grueling work schedule, the client delayed the decision making process on a substantial Inherited IRA account left to him.  Initially, the trusted insurance agent holding the funds reported the account beneficiary was her living trust.  He was wrong...

Sadly, the 9 month disclaimer period expired from the date of death and when I demanded copies of the last recorded beneficiary form, the client got the phone call you DON'T WANT! It was too late to disclaim a bad beneficiary designation on this inherited IRA annuity. A half million dollar IRA annuity was forced to be payable to the estate!  

No, it's not exactly Inherited IRA Hell, but it isn't Heaven either. The 43 year stretch got skinned down to 13.1 years, the money had to go through a west coast state probate process and the legal fees alone got "high" on a needless probate caused by a financial advisor's failure it appears to send in a signed beneficiary form naming her trust as the primary beneficiary.   The agent is guilty of a malpractice event for giving false information that was trusted and relied on.  And, the Inherited IRA stretch or super-stretch projections are no longer possible.

But, the story isn't over.  The living trust was the contingent beneficiary. A beneficiary form assumed signed by the mother before her death appears to  have never been recorded that would have named her living trust as primary beneficiary. The trust "Schedule A" asset sheets notes a check off mark telling us it was most likely signed and given to the agent.

Noting: The trust would have qualified as a "See Through" trust per IRS rules.

Now, for your legal experts, the plot thickens.  Every good trust portfolio has a "Pour Over" Will. And, of course EVERY asset left to the estate or found in the estate at death needs to be retitled as a trust asset after death per the P.O.W declarations by the Testator/Trix. Since the admittance of that Pour Over Will in the western state probate court has now taken place, this beat up and bruised Inherited IRA has to be stuck back into the Living Trust for the duration of the 13.1 years of RMD payments! Questions to whether this is possible or that the funds can be stretched at all are yet to be determined.

Keeping a trust open for years, just so it can pay out Inherited IRA RMD's to a very astute son as the sole heir was another mistake and one I clearly stated when interviewed for an April 14th, 2012 Wall Street Journal article:   (Inherited IRAs: a Sweet Deal) 

Lawyers please think through what you draft when you so easily suggest a large IRA be left to a trust. And consider the consequence of a large IRA left to an estate and how the Pour Over Will by law, forces it into the trust after death.  Most of these estate plans I see after death are full of Trouble with a capital T!

So, yes, in my west coast example, to conclude, the large Inherited IRA funds may yet find their way to the trust since the court supervised probate has recently ended. And because of the "gauntlet" they have to travel through, there is a chance the funds will get taxed after probate as the case is compounded by circumstance rarely found in my Inherited IRA consulting work. Suffice it to say that the mother's intentions are no longer possible and problems caused by bad advisors has and will cost greatly for this client before it all ends.

Read More About Bad Advisors At:


I've had too many calls from heirs already in Inherited IRA HELL!

Inherited IRA Mistakes can cost you about 50 percent in taxes

TIP:  Seek Counsel at the Outset

An inherited IRA article I was interviewed in, that published in 2012 on and Fox -- "Eight Pitfalls to Avoid With an Inherited IRA", correctly quoted what you must understand at the onset --  "Seek Counsel at the Outset". No better advice could have been spoken by reporter Sheyna Steiner. Especially if you are an owner or beneficiary of a larger Inherited IRA account that you would like to stretch the years out as far as possible before the bulk of the money actually gets taxed.   


Some of my past clients have penned that the "M.D." in my name stands for "M.D. Hammer".  I always maintain a professional attitude but occasionally I have to "get tough" for a client's behalf, while serving their best interests in the Inherited IRA arena. One thing is for sure... I never back down when large financial firms try to intimidate me. (I have never lost an argument since they are always wrong and they eventually always back down or yield)  

How To Retain Me

My firm's minimum starter retainer fee to engage inherited IRA consulting services bills at our firm's 2014 billing rate of $ 180 per hour. Starting retainer fees start at a minimum of 1.5 hours or $ 270 due at inception. Electronic debit/credit payments or paper checks are accepted.  (Ask for more details when you or E-mail or call me toll free at 1-800-782-2806)  If living outside of the United States, please Skype with me, using my Skype account name of (finstratin). 

Once retained, I briefely discuss circumstances with your current legal and accounting advisors if it can help the situation.  Occasionally, one or both are the "cause" of the problems I am retained for and in that case, discussion is not normally recommended other than to request any missing documents or records that are allowed by law when an advisor is replaced.

Most likely, it is your FINANCIAL INVESTMENT ADVISOR who has caused your specific problem, and we do not normally communicate with them. (Just those who supervise them)


I can also assist in discussing problem areas BEFORE death, so the big mistakes I am normally hired on post mortem can be avoided and eliminated.  As a professional tax consultant and financial advisor, I can't say it any more plainly -- FIX IT BEFORE IT BREAKS!  This in turn, can protect you as well as your current advisors. I can intervene before death occurs and help them NOT malpractice.  By employing my prevention consulting services before you die, proper education and guidance will guarantee NO ONE ends up in our "Inherited IRA Hell" we talk about in this website. (That is as long as you don't let another bad advisor mess it up again...)

If you are reading this after losing a loved one, you have my profound sympathies. I fully understand just how devastating and overwhelming the estate settlement process can be, especially when placed on top of the grieving process. If you are also an inherited IRA beneficiary, I understand that "deer in the headlights" feeling you may now have. So, I suggest you get some professional help. I have over 38 years of combined tax, investment, mortgage banking, legal and real estate experience in my professional practice.  I have clients nationwide as well ex-patriots in foreign countries.

Frankly, my advisory to fix a problem you now have, or to fix it before it becomes a problem will cost just a fraction -- as to what the true and total cost of a needless big tax or legal mistake could cost you in the long run.

Especially if things go horribly wrong. Keep that in mind when you seriously consider who your ally is going to be in the journey to keep your newly inherited IRA funds away from immediate taxation from Uncle Sam. 

No matter how scared you may be right now, while reading this website -- few clients of our firm end up in that "hell" we talk about.  A minimum retainer can help you find out what your current status is.  It's a steal, especially if my tax review reports you have options for stretch IRA potential of inherited funds. But, you need to hire the right person to get the right results. 

The example below shows just how easy you can be in "hell" if you don't know how to play the inherited IRA game: 

A HELLISH EXAMPLE: If you are attempting a self-directed IRA with your inherited IRA money, did anyone yet explain how a simple mistake not caught in the same year it happened -- could cost you a 100% penalty from the IRS? (The custodian legally is charged the penalty, but every custodian is held harmless when you employ them, so the wrong person/company/plan could take your entire IRA!)  Delaying discovering the mistake in this example could cost 100% of your self directed IRA!  Now, that would be hell wouldn't it?

In closing, If you are looking for intelligence and experience, at a reasonable fee structure, hire me! 

Optional Legal Consulting Also Available

Note: For cases that you feel a legal consultant may also be required, mySaul S Gefter legal associate, Dr. Saul S. Gefter*, a well known former U.S. Diplomat and current International juridical consultant and lawyer, is available as well. Saul can be retained separately with me (M.D.) at a reduced fee billing rate. 

He has assisted on many cases for our firm over the years when circumstances require legal jurisprudence before options (specific steps to assist you) are created and then implimented. Putting a savvy and seasoned legal consultant on your case, guarantees ALL the legal options you have now will be explored and provided to you along with my tax advisory.

Call me direct at 1-800-782-2806 for more details, if you would like to retain both of us for your sitution at the onset.  (Highly recommended on large IRA cases)

* Member, U.S. District of Columbia State Bar

Time May Be of The Essence To Fix Your Inherited IRA Problem! 

Retain me (M.D. Anderson) right now:

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Note: Once retained, you should email or fax your basic facts and documents to me for an accountant's review. Call 1-800-782-2806 for more details.

Thanks for coming to this important Inherited IRA information site! Be sure you register for my free information  below to get exclusive access to the feature rich content you now seek. And, please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know how I can help you.  The initial call is free.  Good Bye for now!


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Inherited IRA Hell's "Wall of Shame" tells on those making mistakes.



Though viewed shooting a foot to save the other, Roth IRA conversions make sense for some.No, you can't convert your Inherited IRA into a Roth under current tax law. But, for all other traditional IRA funds, tax options on your 2012 Roth conversions are still available to "keep" or "revert". DISCOVER why 2013 may still be a good year to convert your IRA to a Roth IRA before tax rates go up more and allowed deductions go down more.



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M.D. Anderson's Published

Client Testimonials

Testimonial #1 (Received on 9/30/08)  "My first interaction with Mike happened back in September 2005 approximately 1 month after my mother passed away in Sun Lakes, Arizona. Mike had made my mothers living trust some years prior to her death. I had copies of bits and pieces of the trust my mother had sent me but had never seen the whole trust until it was given to me by her new husband of 8 months only hours after her death. Being unfamiliar with the trust as well as devastated by the sudden passing of my mother I went through it briefly and hit what I felt were the high points. It wasn’t until I arrived back in Spokane, Washington that I sought out  help ciphering through the whole trust with the help of a reputable living trust attorney. His initial charge to complete it all would be between $15,000- $25,000. It was a fairly substantial trust but I felt that was a bit over the top. I then sat down and read it cover to cover and stumbled upon a statement that said to contact Mike Anderson if any problems were encountered reading the trust. So I figured I’d contact him before proceeding forward of course figuring another big price tag to get help!

Boy was I pleasantly surprised after speaking with Mike for just a few minutes and finding out he could take care of everything for somewhere around $1000-$1500 depending on what changes my mother had done to it. I sent the trust to Mike. From that point on I never had any worries. Mike kept in constant contact with me always keeping me informed of what needed to be done and when and then he took care of it. My mother (bless her heart) had made quite numerous changes some on her own and some with assistance from her new husband of 8 months. Most changes were done by pencil scratch out and re-written in new information. Mike was able to cipher through all the legal and questionable changes that had taken place and handled everything there in Arizona.

I felt so comfortable with Mike’s  guidance and knowledge I had him go ahead and make living trust’s for both me and my wife.  I have been in contact with Mike over the last 3 years asking guidance when I make additions and changes to my trust and he is always very expedient and professional in getting back to me. I cannot thank Mike enough for all the monetary value he saved but more for all the mental grief he saved me.  Thanks Mike!"

Retired  MSgt USAF

Max & Ellen Eskildsen

Mead, Washington 99021 

Testimonial #2 (Received on 6/27/08) "I have known Michael Anderson for some time as both a colleague and as an associate of our 105 year-old Brazilian international law firm, located in Rio de Janeiro. Mike and his Arizona firm, Financial Strategies, Inc. has been contracted to do strategic financial, tax, trust and estate planning and development on behalf of an important and long-standing client, a member of one of Brazil’s most famous families with assets in Brazil and abroad .

I can personally attest to his business acumen, sharpness of mind, outstanding professional abilities and most importantly, his honesty, integrity and professionalism in accomplishing the most difficult and complex tasks put to him.  Mike’s personal interest in the well-being and concern for the client’s interests entrusted to him is remarkable and noteworthy. His Estate Planning & Trust Portfolio has become a model for others attempting to match his efforts in producing such an important and meaningful document to both clients, their heirs and family members.

Our office has constantly dealt with professionals in all sectors world-wide over the years and I can attest to that fact that Mike is head and shoulders above them all. We look forward to a continued and fruitful relationship with Michael Anderson and his firm for years to come."

Saul S. Gefter, Esq.

U.S. Consul (ret.)

Member, D.C. Bar Assn.

Petrópolis, RJ Brazil 

Testimonial #3 (Received on 6/14/08): "It was my mother, Berniece Robb, who first  introduced me to Michael Anderson.  Mother's tax accountant extraordinaire for a period of time, she became aware of Mike's family trust preparation capabilities.  Contacting referrals, she received splendid encouragement from individuals who had engaged Mr. Anderson in preparing their trusts.  Mother placed her confidence in Mike and asked him to proceed with her estate.  Soon after, as I was a widow with three children, Mother encouraged me to do the same.  That was winter of 1992.

Mother died in April of 1996.  As difficult as the loss was emotionally,  Mike stepped up to the plate  (Mike was only a phone call away),  just as he informed us he would and as the trust would.   As successor to Mother's estate, I had immediate access to her accounts, including the ability to write checks for her funeral expenses.  There was no probate, no waiting, no need for approval from brokerage houses and financial institutions, and no added expenses.  Everything was in order and fell mercifully in place, thanks to Mike's foresight in trust preparation.

While periodic updates may be necessary due to changes in the law (I have had one), I can say with confidence that  I have peace of mind Mike will inform me of such changes and my children will experience the same ease when it comes time to settling my estate at my death.  My children will know my final wishes.  Short of that, the individuals I have chosen will have the trust tools (Powers of Attorney), to deal with all health and financial issues should I be incapable of doing so.

In all sincerity, Thank you Mike Anderson for offering me "Shaffer Family Trust" peace of mind.

Susan Shaffer

Phoenix, Arizona

Testimonial #4 (Received on 5/8/08):  "Mike Anderson has been handling our taxes for our small business for about 20 years. He never keeps us waiting for answers when we have questions about anything from taxes to finances to real estate.  He is very knowledgeable and we know that we can trust his advice.

He recently did our trust for our family and it was wonderful!  He seems to make it come alive by the way he represents the family in personal ways by adding pictures of us and even our pets.  Mike makes our life run more smoothly and he does it at a very affordable price."

Frankie and Dennis Malicowski

Mesa, Arizona 

Disclaimer: The information contained on this inherited IRA information site, though deemed reliable and accurate, is solely the opinion and statements of the advisor profiled. Therefore, it should be considered "general" in nature and no action should be taken based on this information until such time your specific situation and circumstances can be reviewed and analyzed by competent and qualified tax, insurance, legal, and/or other financial advisors. This information is not intended, nor should be construed as legal advice. FSI can not and will not give you legal advice. If you need legal advice, we can refer you if you desire and request it. Founded in 1990, FSI is a long-term Financial Advisory and Arizona domiciled Corporation now providing services nationwide and in some foreign countries. Services profiled herein are available unrestricted to Arizona residents. Residents outside of Arizona are eligible for certain consulting services and to legal (lawyer) referrals by our firm when requested of us. For Arizona residents, communication with an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP) are private and confidential but are not "privileged", such as they would be with an actual Lawyer.

Besides being a licensed  Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer, Mr. Anderson is also an Arizona Professional Accountant/Consultant (soon to apply to the IRS as an enrolled agent) and licensed IRS registered tax preparer and ERO (Electronic Return Originator) agent/firm. He also is an Arizona licensed Professional (Realtor®)/consultant) and a licensed Professional insurance agent and corporation for life, health or annuity sales. Lastly, he and his firm is an appointed representative for Royal Metals Group as a Professional Precious Metals consultant and sales advisor.  Inherited IRA accounts have many options you may not be aware of, including alternative "hard asset" type investments. Let M.D. show you the the options your current banker, broker or insurance agent may still be hiding from you!

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